The 2017 Popular Makeup Trend You Should Try

Last year is the trend of blue eyeshadow and bob hair. Then what is the big makeup trend in 2017? The fashion trend always changes every year as well as the makeup trend. Even, these makeup trends must not be followed but it is better to copy them as your makeup ideas. Let’s look at this popular makeup trend in 2017.

80’s Blush

Last year, the ‘90s makeup seemed popular and now it replaces to the ‘80s popular makeup trend. The main characteristic of this makeup trend is the bold color blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow. The first way you can try is a bold blush on your cheeks. This makeup trend is similar with draping technique which figures face with blush not with shading or countering. Applying blush will make your face look fresher.

Red Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick will be the queen in 2017 makeup trend. The most favorite color in spring and summer runway is a red color. It is a classic and bold color. Another choice is orange color lipstick. Red lipstick is the most favorite color lipstick in the ’80s and looks timeless. This lipstick becomes the most popular makeup trend because it is practical and long lasting.

Bright Color Eyeshadow

Another popular makeup trend which is influenced by the ‘80s trend is bright color eyeshadow. For you who like wearing eyeshadow, try bright color eyeshadow like burgundy, orange, pink and blue. Don’t wear them once but choose one and mix it with another natural color to create a good gradient.

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Full Eyeliner

Punk eyeliner is predicted as the popular makeup trend in 2017. This eyeliner looks heavy with full eyeliner frames eye or the thick smudge eyeliner. You can actually wear this eyeliner naturally. Just make sure that you use pencil eyeliner or kohl especially in along lower lashline. This eyeliner type will create light line and easy to smudge if you want to create the smudgy eyeliner trend.

Dark Color Lipstick

Do you like the dark color lipstick? It looks like the gothic look. If the popular lipstick color in 2016 is grape color or brownish red, in 2017 the popular lipstick color is burgundy, dark brown and purplish gray. These gothic colors become more attractive combined with glitter or metallic color.

2017 Makeup Trend with Full Eyeliner The 2017 Popular Makeup Trend You Should Try Dark Purple Lipstick 2017 Makeup Trend The 2017 Popular Makeup Trend You Should Try The 80s Blush Makeup Trend The 2017 Popular Makeup Trend You Should Try

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