5 Simple Ways to Make Your Nail Polish Lasts Longer

Having fantastic and beautiful nails will make you more confident to spend your holiday with your friends. But sometimes, it’s difficult to keep your pedicure long lasting. Don’t worry, you will find some easy ways to keep your pedicure lasts longer.

Bring Your Own Nail Polish
Nail polish tends to crack and peeling if it is used nearly the expired date. To avoid this condition, you better to bring your own nail polish to your favorite salon. You can bring your new nail polish in your favorite color. You can also get another benefit by using your own nail polish when your nail polish starts to be erased on your nail, you can add it again by yourself.

Avoid Fast Drying Nail Polish
Actually nail polish with the label ‘fast drying’ is easier to be used but you better to avoid this. It is because the dryer formula in this nail polish will make your nail polish dry before it really sticks on your nails. Therefore, for the long lasting result, you are suggested to use commonly nail polish which can dry in about 20 minutes. If you want your nail polish dry quickly, soak your nails in the fresh water.

Top Coat
Don’t forget to apply top coat after you paint your nails with the nail polish. This top coat will protect your nail polish so it cannot easily crack or peeling. You should routinely add the top coat to your nails soon after it peels. Give more transparent coats on the edge of your nails.

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Open-toe Shoes
After you do pedicure, don’t wear closed-toe shoes because it can break your nail polish. Therefore, you need to have open-toe shoes. If you don’t have any open-toe shoes, you can wear your closed-toe shoes with socks. The socks will cover your nails, so your nail polish can last longer.

If your nails are too dry, the nail polish cannot stick perfectly on your nails. So before you do the pedicure, take a bath with warm water and give some cuticle oil to your toe-nails. For the optimum result, you can use coconut oil to massage your nails every day to keep them moist.

Beautiful Nail Polish for Women 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Nail Polish Lasts Longer Coconut Oil for Nail Polish Treatment 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Nail Polish Lasts Longer Top Coat After you Paint your Nails with the Nail Polish 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Nail Polish Lasts Longer

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