You Must Know These 6 Other Functions of Concealer

Some women think that having a concealer is a must; meanwhile, some women even don’t know what the function of it. Basically, concealer is used to cover some spots, pimples, and dark circle under eye. But, have you known that it can also help you in many other things? Maybe you have already bought a concealer that is too bright or too dark, don’t throw it! Read these 7 tips to take the advantages from your concealer.

  1. As an Eye Primer

You can use your concealer as an eye primer. Put your concealer before you apply eyeshadow on your eyelids. This concealer can keep your eye makeup lasts longer and make the color shadow brighter. Well, you don’t need to buy eyeshadow primer.

  1. Highlighter

If your concealer is brighter than your skin, don’t throw it before you read this tip. Make it as your highlighter. Apply it around your eyes, upper cheeks, and nose as a sparkling effect. You will have a glowing makeup with this highlighter.

  1. To Perfect Your Eyebrow

Sometimes you may have difficult to draw your eyebrow with messy eyebrow hair. Plucking the eyebrow is quite pain to do and you don’t like it. Thus, you can fix up your eyebrow with concealer. Apply the concealer to correct your eyebrow and make it perfect.

  1. Sexier Lips

Create the perfect teasing lips with your concealer. For the perfect lipstick result, you need to apply concealer around your lips outline especially under your nose.

  1. Makeup Correcting
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Have you ever felt in a hurry and you don’t have any time to correct your terrible eyeliner? It’s easy. Rub the concealer on a part which is needed to be corrected. It is the easiest way to cover your makeup mistake without removing all your makeup.

  1. Dramatic Effect

Do you feel that your cat-eyes look imperfect? You have drawn your eyeliner carefully to create cat-eyes look, but it’s still not good in the end. Use your concealer with the brush to curve upward your end eyeliner. Make line slightly with your concealer brush around your cat-eyes makeup. Now you will have a dramatic effect on your eye makeup.

Concealer as an Eye Primer You Must Know These 6 Other Functions of Concealer Concealer to Highlighter Your Makeup You Must Know These 6 Other Functions of Concealer How to Shape Your Eyebrow with Concealer You Must Know These 6 Other Functions of Concealer

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