6 Street Hairstyles that Make You Look Stylish

Not just by fashion, hairstyle also has a big contribution to make your street style account on Instagram becomes attractive. There are so many hairstyles you can try to improve your style. Just having simple makeup and outfit, you can look stylish with these hairstyles.

Hair Bangs
Don’t afraid to play with bangs style because it can grow quickly. Hair bangs will make your hairstyle look different. Set cute bangs which are good for your face. If you like, you can cut your bangs becomes blunt. You will look so cool and special with your beautiful bangs.

Braided Hairstyle
You may have this style when you were a child. Actually, braid is a timeless style for your hair. By French braid, you will look beautiful in every occasion. You can make a unique look by making a slanted French braid and don’t be too tight for the natural look.

Grey Hair
Colored hair always becomes attractive but one of the most attracted shades is grey. Apply dark grey or silver on your hair to make your appearance cool.

Blunt Bob
Bob cut always has many fans in every period. But if you want a different bob, you can make a blunt bob. It will look so stylish and attractive.

Middle Part Hair
Side part hair has become a mainstay for years but now middle part appears as a more modern hairstyle. Make a statement hairstyle by a middle part hairstyle and make it shiny. Your hairstyle will look modern by this simple way and you can combine it with every kind of styles.

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Recently, ombre becomes very popular among young people with its unique and bold color. But now, it develops into a sombre trend that tends to be more natural and calm. If you like the color smoothly blend with your original hair color, this style can be your choice. It will be so natural but attractive. Choose your most favorite color like light brown or grey.

Well, after you read those 6 street styles hair, which one do you like? Surely, you will look so attractive and awesome with those hairstyles and your simple fashion.

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