The Amazing Tricks to Apply Eyeshadow for the Big Eyes

Have you known applying eyeshadow tricks for the big or round eyes? Of course, it must not make your eyes look bigger. Sometimes, applying eyeshadow will make the bigger accent on eyes. These easy tricks will help you to beautify your eyes without dominating the makeup look.

Avoid Shimmery Eyeshadow

The eyeshadow which contains much shimmer and glitter will only make eyes look bigger. Therefore, choose the eyeshadow which contains little shimmer and even you can wear matte eyeshadow.

Apply Highlight

Make sure you do these applying eyeshadow tricks for your big eyes. Apply highlight to the middle eyelids, then blend until the inner corner. Applying highlight starts from the upper lash line until the crease.

Use White Eyeshadow

In applying eyeshadow tricks, it must give the fresh and brighter look. Applying white eyeshadow in the inner corner will also make eyes look smaller. If you difficult to find white eyeshadow, you can use white eyeliner.

Apply Bright Color Eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow tricks for the big eyes are started by the bright color eyeshadow for the inner crease area. Then, apply the darker eyeshadow for the outer corner. Try to have the different look by combining blue and pink color eyeshadow, or playing with gold color eyeshadow. But, make sure that in these applying eyeshadow tricks, your eye look is not tacky.

Add Mascara Rightly

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To make your eye makeup perfect, it is suggested to add mascara. Draw your outer corner eyelashes thicker with mascara to create the longer but smaller eye look. This trick can make your big eyes look attractive and charming than adding the false lashes which will make your eyes look too much.


If the small eyes should have the thicker eyeliner, the big eyes are the opposite. You should reduce the using of eyeliner because it gives the bigger illusion on eyes. But, if you want to add eyeliner, you can only add it on the outer corner eyes to make your eyes look proportional and beautiful. By those applying eyeshadow tricks, the big and round eyes will look so awesome and beautiful instantly.

Applying Eyeliner Only On the Outer Corner to Create the Smaller Eye Look The Amazing Tricks to Apply Eyeshadow for the Big Eyes Beautiful Eye Shade with the Darker Outer Corner for the Big Eyes The Amazing Tricks to Apply Eyeshadow for the Big Eyes Matte Eyeshadow Makeup Tricks for the Big Eyes The Amazing Tricks to Apply Eyeshadow for the Big Eyes

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