Amazingly Chic with a Floral Skirt

There are so many fashion items you can choose to create the super feminine look such as a floral skirt. With the flowers pattern, a floral skirt looks so beautiful and feminine and thus this fashion item become the women’s favorite. However, sometimes you may get difficult to mix and match your floral skirt since it has some bright colors, big or small patterns. To get some easy ideas in combining your floral skirt, you can read this article further. Here are some fashion styles which can make you amazingly chic with a floral skirt.

Sexy Crop Top

You can create the stunning look with a crop top and a floral pleated skirt. Don’t afraid to choose the big floral patterns on your skirt because it will look elegant with another minimalist item. To balance your look, opt for a dark color crop top such as a dark blue color which looks elegant on you. This style is perfect with a pair of nude color mules which are so classy on you.

Elegant Coat

Another stylish look can be created with a floral slim skirt and coat. Wear a black tee under your coat to create the elegant look. With the black long sleeves pop out from your coat sleeves, your appearance will look ‘messy’ chic. Add the more casual look by wearing the white sneakers. You can bring your white sling bag which looks chic on you.

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Bright Color Top

Color your day with the colorful outfit. Create a beautiful look with a bright color top such as pink color to combine with your floral maxi skirt. You can wear this style for the spring season to cheer your day. Make your appearance more elegant with the nude color handbag and heels.

Off-the-shoulder Top

A simply feminine look can be created by an off-the-shoulder top with a floral skater skirt. With the little floral pattern, your appearance will be wonderful and elegant. Try another feminine look by choosing a white off-the-shoulder top which looks casual but stunning combining with your floral skirt.

Now, you will not only combining a floral skirt with a white top but with several ways, you will always look chic and stunning with your floral skirt.

Pink Color Top with Floral Maxi Skirt Amazingly Chic with a Floral Skirt Combination of Floral Skirt and Coat Amazingly Chic with a Floral Skirt Floral Pleated Skirt with a Crop Top and Mules Amazingly Chic with a Floral Skirt


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