Amazingly Feminine and Elegant with the Lace-up Top

Lace-up top is a feminine fashion item for women who like the sexy and art on their style. With the straps accent, lace-up top actually imitates the Victorian’s style in a modern way. If you like this feminine style, you can apply this style on your daily outfits. You can combine it with a skirt or pants; it depends on your favorite way. This article will give you some inspirations in wearing the lace-up top to make you stylish and elegant.

Sexy Lace-up Top

If you like a sexy style, you can wear the low lace-up T-shirt with a denim mini skirt. Choose a black color of long sleeves T-shirt with the lace-up accent on it. It will be perfectly chic with your denim mini skirt. For more stylish way, you can wear the thigh-high socks with boots that in simply way, amazing. Add a black color blazer if you want a more elegant and classy appearance. This style will be more elegant with a fancy handbag.

Messy Ripped Jeans

Not only feminine, you can also create the ‘messy’ look with your lace-up top. If you don’t like the feminine look, you can pair your lace-up top with the ripped jeans which also make you look casual. Choose the super simple lace-up top in a black color which looks harmonize with your ripped jeans. Make your style chic by wearing cute sandals which are also comfy. You can try this style for your casual summer occasions.

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Lace-up Top with Denim Skirt

For teenagers, you can try this simple style for your OOTD. Choose the long sleeves lace-up top in the white color. Pair your feminine top with a denim mini skirt with some buttons on it. You can wear this simple chic fashion style to go to campus or just hang out with your friends because it’s so comfy for you. You can wear the strappy high heels to make you more feminine and elegant.

Floral Maxi Skirt

When you come in a mature style but still fun, opt for a floral maxi dress. Choose a white lace-up top which looks harmonize with your floral skirt. Also, wear a pair of bright color high heels which instantly looks glamor on you.

Lace up Top with Denim Skirt Amazingly Feminine and Elegant with the Lace up Top Lace up Top with Floral Maxi Skirt Amazingly Feminine and Elegant with the Lace up Top Selena Gomes with Sexy Lace up Top Amazingly Feminine and Elegant with the Lace up Top

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