How to Apply Eye shadow in the Right Way

Want to try different eyes look? Try to add some bright colors for your eyelids. You just need to be more creative in applying the eye shadow. To make your eyes beautiful with not too much look, choose the right combination colors from your palette. Let’s try these tips!

Eye Primer is a Must

First, apply primer before you add eye shadow on your eyelids to sharper the color. Eye primer also helps you who have oily eyes so your eyes will look matte. The eye shadow color will be stay longer on your eyelids by using this eye primer for your base.

Select the Right Colors

After you add a base on your eyelids, choose the colors from your eyeshadow palette which is match with your eyes. The eye shadow colors shouldn’t be matched with your outfits. But you must consider the time of using the makeup. For example, if you use makeup for a night event, don’t afraid to apply bright colors like pink or blue on your eyelids with the shimmer bright eye shadow in the upper. Meanwhile, for a day makeup, you just need to apply a matte color eye shadow on your inner eyelids for the natural appearance.

Blending colors

This is the most important step in applying eye shadow on your eyelids. Blend your colors with a fluffy brush to create the natural gradation. If you don’t have a blending brush, use your finger to blend the color on your eyelids. Try to use a brush which is special for eye shadow blending to ease the process.

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Additional Touch

Besides choosing the right color for your eyes, you may add eyeliner and false eyelashes for the final touch. After you applied eye shadow on your eyelids, add eyeliner on your upper eyelashes to define your eyes. Choose the natural color of eyeliner such as black or dark brown or dark blue to define the eye shadow color. After that, it is optional, add false eyelashes for the extra define look. If you have slanted eyes, false eyelashes which have natural accent will give the dramatic effect to your eyes.

Eyeshadow Palette Which is Match with Your Eyes How to Apply Eye shadow in the Right Way How to Apply Eyeshadow for Beginner How to Apply Eye shadow in the Right Way Select the Right Color of Eyeshadow for You How to Apply Eye shadow in the Right Way

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