How to Apply Eyeliner Rightly for Your Eye Shape

Applying eyeliner is not easy for some women, moreover women who don’t like applying makeup. Since it’s not simple as you think, eyeliner should be suited your eye shape. It means that you should not apply it wrongly. Generally, there are some types of eyeliner you can use to create the best eye makeup look such as pencil eyeliner, gel eyeliner, and liquid eyeliner. You must apply eyeliner rightly for your eye shape so your makeup will be amazing. Here are the tips.

Round Eyes

The first applying eyeliner tips are for women who have round shape eyes. For you who have this eye type, you should be blissful because most of the women want to have this kind of eye shape. Women who have round eye shape almost suit every kind of eyeliner shape. But if you want to get the perfect look, you can apply eyeliner slightly on the upper and lower lashline. Then, in creating the longer eye shape, you could pull a long line outwards like a wing on the outer V.

Slanted Eyes

Someone who has slated eyes usually has the monolid eye type. To make the bigger eye look, you can apply eyeliner rightly on the upper lashline. You better choose eyeliner with bright colors like soft brown or purple because the bright color eyeliner will make your eyes look beautiful and brighter. You should apply eyeliner rightly to get the bigger eye look. Make the cat eye look for the dramatic accent on your eye makeup.

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Big Eyes

How to apply eyeliner rightly for big eye type? The answer is it’s almost the same way with the round eye shape. Someone who has this type of eye shape can make fun with any kind of eyeliner type. But, you may not confident with your eye look, so you can bring your eyes into the better look like you want by applying eyeliner rightly. Make line slightly with your eyeliner to your upper and lower lashline. To avoid the monotone look, you can make it more attractive with the cat eye look.

Down Turned Eyes

Women who have down-turned eyes must be careful to apply eyeliner rightly because if they do it wrongly, it will make eyes look more down. Pull the line upwards with eyeliner to create the normal eye look. It can bring your eyes look significantly attractive.

Applying Eyeliner for Down turned Eye Shape How to Apply Eyeliner Rightly for Your Eye Shape  How to Apply Eyeliner Rightly for Your Eye Shape Appying Eyeliner for Round Eye Shape How to Apply Eyeliner Rightly for Your Eye Shape

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