Applying Eye Makeup for the Small Eyes to Look Attractive

Having the small eyes doesn’t mean you are not attractive. Actually, you only need the right technique in applying eye makeup to make eyes look bigger. You should choose the right color eyeshadow to make you more attractive. Applying eye makeup can be learned easily if you know the tips. The right color choices even can create the bigger and brighter eyes. You don’t need to spend much money to do the eye surgery. Just prepare some cosmetics to change your look easily.

Applying Dark Color Eyeshadow

In applying eye makeup for the small eyes, you can choose the dark color eyeshadow such as navy, dark green, maroon or other dark shades. Those dark color choices will make your eyes look bigger and beautiful instantly.

Bright Color Eyeshadow

Beside applying eye makeup with the dark color eyeshadow, you can also choose some bright color eyeshadow to brighten the eye makeup. For example, use white or pink eyeshadow as the base color and combine it with dark color eyeshadow such as dark brown. The combination of two different colors creates the beautiful eye makeup look on the small eyes.

Add Mascara

Here, mascara aims to help the eyes look rounder and bigger. Apply the mascara to your eyelashes to give the thicker and curlier accent. So you will be more beautiful and confident with the mascara makeup.

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Have you tried to apply eyeliner to your eyelid? This is a very important makeup you should have to applying eye makeup beautifully! Yes, eyeliner can significantly give the bigger eye look. Choose black color eyeliner and draw the thicker line on your upper lashline. See that your eyes are so beautiful now.


In applying eye makeup, the brush you should have is a little brush. The little brush will be easier to apply the eyeshadow perfectly on the eyelids. Choose the smooth brush to blend the eyeshadow so you will have the natural eye makeup look.

Well, actually any kind of eyeshadow color can be your choice to brighten and beautify your eyes moreover with the dark color eyeshadow. If you like to experiment with eyeshadow color, try to combine the other colors which look beautiful on your eyes. Make sure that you are confident and comfortable with your appearance.

Applyin Eyeliner for the Small Eye to Look Bigger Applying Eye Makeup for the Small Eyes to Look Attractive Bright Color Eye Makeup for the Small Eyes Applying Eye Makeup for the Small Eyes to Look Attractive Dark Color Eyeshadow to Create the Bigger Eye Look Applying Eye Makeup for the Small Eyes to Look Attractive

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