Before You Applying Foundation, You Must Know These Things

A good makeup cannot be separated from applying good foundation. Actually, to have the perfect foundation application, you need to concern in some things.

Make Sure Your Face Skin

Before you applying foundation, make sure that your face skin is clean and moist. Don’t apply foundation if your skin is too dry. Give some moisturizer to make it moist.

Knowing Your Skin Type

Choose a most appropriate formula for your skin type. Oil-free formula is used for acne skin or oily skin. Meanwhile, hydrating formula is for the normal and dry skin. But if you have a very sensitive skin, you better to choose a noncomedogenic or hypoallergic formula.

Match Up the Color

When you look for a new foundation, don’t try it on your backhand. Try the foundation on your jawline from the brightest until the darker color. Look at your face in the mirror. Note that the vanished foundation is the best color for you.

Season Changing

Sometimes, the weather can change your skin color. Therefore, you need to upgrade your foundation when you are finding your skin darker. Choose a darker color of foundation which is matched with your skin color.


If you have a scar or birthmark, cover it with primer before you applying the foundation. It can make your skin smoother. Primer with a green basic can be used to cope with the redness and pink basic can be used to brighter the pallid and pale skin.

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Apply concealer to some parts of your skin such as under eye, some dark spots, or pimples. Concealer can give a perfect coverage on your skin rather than just applying the foundation. After that, you can apply your foundation for the rest part of your face skin.

Applying Foundation

Take a little foundation on your backhand and use your brush or sponge to apply it on your face. Don’t miss any little part of your face when applying the foundation. Don’t forget to apply foundation on your neck and around your ears for the natural result. Blend your foundation with a brush for a flawless look.

Take a Little Foundation on Your Backhand and Use Your Brush or Sponge to Apply it on Your Face Before You Applying Foundation, You Must Know These Things Before You Applying Foundation Give Some Moisturizer Before You Applying Foundation, You Must Know These Things Concealer Can Give a Perfect Coverage on Your Skin rather than Just Applying the Foundation Before You Applying Foundation, You Must Know These Things

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