The Art of Skirt

You love to look feminine, stylish or lady look? The use of skirts, dresses, overalls, or the dress is a must for you always look feminine. However, the feminine look needs perfect look, then you must make sure that you have selected the right skirt to suit your body shape.

For The Big One :
• Choose a skirt with solid colors and patterned. Avoid wearing a skirt with dots pattern or the like.
• Wear a pencil skirt that is not too tight.
• Choose a skirt made of a slightly stretchy material so you can swift moves.
• Do not wear a skirt with intricate detail that will cover your body shape.
• Choose a skirt with materials that fit, and avoid falling skirt made from soft hang.
• Pair the skirt with a top or a beautiful blouse that fit, and avoid baggy tops or blouses.

For The Thin One :
• Choose a miniskirt paired with leggings or stockings that not so look too sexy.
• Skirts with fluffy or tulip skirt will make your body look fuller.
• Choose a skirt with length starting from waist.
• Skirt with pleated detail or layers will help shape your hips look fuller.
• Add a big belt that will help define your waist shape.
• Avoid the use of a straight skirt because it will make you look like a ruler.
• Match skirt with a blouse or a fitted jacket, and avoid wearing loose-fitting blouse.

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For The Pear Body :
• Choose a skirt with small and dark pattern.
• A-line skirt is perfect for you.
• Ensure that the length of your skirt starts from the hips or waist, and avoid to wear high-waist skirt.
• Skirts with a simple model is suitable for you to wear.
• Avoid skirts that are made of shiny or super tight which can make your lower body look bigger.
• Choose tops that shocking the attention to balancing your body proportions.
• Choose a bright top, will give a plus on your appearance.

For The Tiny One :
• Choose a skirt with a fitted model, with beautiful details that will make you look stunning.
• Skirts above the knee will make your legs look longer.
• high-waist skirt with the length beginning fits in the waist will help you look taller.
• Avoid wearing long skirts below the knee that can make you look shorter.
• Choose a skirt that images a certain adult, because the impression of the tiny is like a child.
• Match with a fitted top so it does not make you drown in your clothes.

Mini skirt and boots The Art of Skirt

Woman with Skirt The Art of Skirt


Mini skirt Style The Art of Skirt

Skirt for Thin Woman The Art of Skirt

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