Athletic Inspired Fashion; the New Urban Fashions for Women

Jogger pants, T-shirt, baseball jacket and sneakers are the fashion items which usually make the sporty look for women. They definitely are very comfortable to wear casually. Creating athletic inspired fashion doesn’t mean wearing all about athletic outfits from head to toe. But, you can even combine your athletic inspired fashion with another feminine item to enhance your appearance. These are the new urban fashion for women which are inspired from athletic fashion look. The following ideas may inspire you to be more fashionable.

Very Long Baseball Jacket

A baseball jacket in maxi length is a unique and different way in creating the athletic inspired fashion. The white T-shirt underneath combines the blue color jacket beautifully. The jogger pants also look match to them. Create the different touch by adding feminine touch through this appearance with some layers of golden necklaces. Combining athletic inspired look with feminine touch will really create the amazing stylish fashion. Black color stilettos and elegant handbag seem the best way to be more stylish and formal.

Athletic Inspired Pants

As we already discussed that the athletic-inspired look is beautiful and attractive combined with the feminine item. In this way, a one off-shoulder denim top is so unique paired the athletic striped pants. Anyway, the result is really surprising. Make it complete with a simple tote bag and sneakers. It looks so unique yet stylish. You can apply this athletic inspired fashion for your daily outfits and it’s so comfortable.

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Off the Shoulder Leather Jacket

Look masculine and sporty but still stay sexy, try to combine the jogger pants with an off the shoulder leather jacket. Black leather with double buttons in front may become the right accent on it. Tuck in a pair of army boots to create the most wonderful bold fashion. This style is effortlessly cool as well as casual fashion.

By looking at those several athletic inspired fashion ideas, there is no reason for you to not try. It is also important to remember that don’t wear oversized items together instead of combining it with another tight item because it would be more attractive and balanced.

Athletic Inspired Pants with One Off the Shoulder Top Athletic Inspired Fashion; the New Urban Fashions for Women Blue Bomber Jacket Athletic Inspired Fashion Athletic Inspired Fashion; the New Urban Fashions for Women Striped Athletic Pants with Off the Shoulder Leather Jacket and Army Boots Athletic Inspired Fashion; the New Urban Fashions for Women

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