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Attractive motif will never die, always look stylish all the time. But not everyone deserves to wear clothing with this motif, because attractive motif is fully impressed, with a touch of bright colors, not always match between the color and the body shape. With such conditions, knowing how unified the right-frontier to clothing with an attractive pattern or motif must be done.

Bikini can appear in an attractive pattern, you can choose it when making a plan of your next vacation. But to not seem ludicrous, choose a medium size pattern and should avoid excessive color combinations and choose similar color combinations, or with bright color.

Dress with attractive motif or pattern can make you become the center of attention in an instant. Pick a simple halter neck dress with unique attractive style. Or you could also choose a simple dress that is feminine but with a fresh blend of color as well as luxurious.

If you want to apply the attractive patterns on the choice of your top, should avoid the top that is too complicated and with a lot of application patterns details, cause it will only create headaches for the viewer. Advisable to choose simple and low-cut top with a beautiful style applications as the details.

Or you want to apply an attractive motif on your favourite skirt, choose a style that is not too complicated with simple color combinations, such as green with cream or blue with white. You can choose a skirt with ethnic motif but with a modern twist. In order to display your beautiful patterned skirt, mix with a simple and plain top with a touching of matching color with the skirt.

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Dare to be Attractive and Stylish ?

Fashionable Woman with Attractive Mini Skirt Attractive Stylish

Woman with Sexy Bikini  Attractive Stylish

Attractive and Stylish Office Suits Attractive Stylish

Fashionable Woman with Attractive Dress Attractive Stylish


Fashionable Woman with Feminine Outfit Attractive Stylish



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