Awesome Beauty and Makeup Hacks to Live Easily

Sometimes, it’s really annoying when finding our new makeup stuff broken and other annoying women problems. You may need some awesome beauty hacks to back your mood. Actually, you can make repair your broken lipstick, eyeshadow, and others easily if you know the tips. Follow these awesome beauty hacks to live easily and simple.

Broken Lipstick

Sometimes, you break your lipstick when you are in a hurry doing makeup. Wait, don’t throw it! Do these awesome beauty hacks! Take your broken lipstick and lighter. Heat the bottom part of the broken lipstick with a lighter and connect with the rest part of lipstick on tube gently. Wait for a while until it’s connected perfectly. Well done. You have a normal lipstick again after doing this beauty hacks.

Broken Face Powder, Eyeshadow or Blush

Having compact powder, eyeshadow and blush must be careful because they’re fragile and easily broken when you drop them on the floor. But, if you accidentally break it, for instance, your eyeshadow, crush it until becomes powder. Then, add 2-3 drops alcohol on it and press it on the palette until it backs to a normal form. So awesome beauty hacks, right?

Long Lasting Lipstick Look

You may never know these awesome beauty hacks before. A face powder applies on lips? Yes, it’s true. The loose powder can make your lipstick last longer. After applying lipstick, add loose powder slightly with a brush on your lips and see the amazing result!

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Preventing Mess Nail Polish

Do these awesome beauty hacks before you applying your favorite nail polish on your nails. Give some glue on around your nail then apply nail polish like usual. Wait until the nail polish dry and remove the glue from your finger. Find the amazing neat nail polish look.

Dry the Nail Polish Perfectly

Still in nail polish awesome beauty hacks. After you applied it, wait for 3 minutes and soak your fingers in fresh water for about 5-8 minutes. You will find your nail polish dry perfectly after removing from the water.

Awesome Hacks for Dry Mascara

If your mascara goes dry, don’t throw it. Wait until you try these beauty hacks! Soak your mascara tube in the warm water for 10 minutes. Remove it from the water and the new mascara is ready to apply. This is very easy!

Adding Translucent Powder for the Long Lasting Lipstick Awesome Beauty and Makeup Hacks to Live Easily Beauty Hacks by Adding Glue before Applying Nail Polish Awesome Beauty and Makeup Hacks to Live Easily Beauty Hacks to Connect a Broken Lipstick with a Lighter Awesome Beauty and Makeup Hacks to Live Easily

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