Awesome Ideas to Go with a Floral Print Blazer

A floral print blazer sometimes seems difficult to style since this fashion item has the colorful and floral patterns on it. However, this style back in vogue this season in many chic ways. Actually, you can have the casual, feminine and professional look with the floral print blazer. But the problem is how to make it looks elegant and fun on you without too much look. You can see the following wonderful ideas to wear the floral blazer nicely.

Pastel Color Combination

The ‘safest’ way to create an elegant look with a floral print blazer is keeping it in the soft color. With the combination of soft yellow and blue patterns on your blazer, you should opt for a sky blue shirt to wear underneath. Make them effortlessly elegant with the white shorts which also make you more casual in a smart way. The nude color high heels with the lace-up accent on them will make your look more feminine and classy.

Casual Striped Dress

There is no rule to have the casual and comfortable style for your summer. In a fun way, you can opt for an orange color blazer with the floral patterns. This blazer will be more stunning with the casual striped dress underneath. The metallic gold flat shoes can be a good statement on your casual appearance. Make your style complete with the black sunglasses for the fun summer.

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Classy Look in White

There is no doubt that the white color creates a fancy and classy look instantly. Choose a clean white tank top to pair with the white skinny pants. Add the beautiful floral print blazer which looks elegant with you white combination. A pair of the nude pumps with the sky blue handbag will make you wonderful in your classy style. Add some layers of little necklaces as the fancy accent on you.

Effortlessly Feminine Style

Create an effortlessly feminine look with a simple mini dress and a floral print blazer. The fitted yellow dress looks elegant under the beautiful white floral blazer. Give more feminine look with the white heels and pink color clutch. Some elegant bracelets present the elegant and classy appearance on you.

Effortlessly Feminine with a Yellow Mini Dress and a Floral Blazer Awesome Ideas to Go with a Floral Print Blazer Casual Striped Dress with a Floral Blazer Awesome Ideas to Go with a Floral Print Blazer Classy Look in White Top and Skinnies with a Floral Blazer Awesome Ideas to Go with a Floral Print Blazer

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