Look Awesome with Leopard Prints Outfits

Are you a fan of leopard prints? It’s actually an attractive pattern which is usually applied to the dress, handbag, shoes, and other fashion items. Dressing in leopard print sometimes is quite difficult because you must have a good combination to avoid the dorky appearance. These tips may help you to mix and match the leopard print for your fashionable appearance.

Burgundy Skinny Pants

Combine your leopard long sleeve blouse with burgundy skinny pants which looks casual and fun. This solid burgundy will amazingly match with your leopard blouse. The formal long sleeve is balanced with the casual accent of the skinny pants. Pretty chic and elegant, you will be more confident to enjoy your day.

Red Skirt for a Bold Combination

A-line skirt in a bright red color can be a beautiful coordination with your leopard shirt. It shows the feminine as well as the bold accent on your style. With the flare of your skirt, you will look more glamorous.

A Gold Necklace and A Bright Handbag

If you are an active and cheerful girl, a simple leopard print dress is suitable for you. Complete your appearance with a gold necklace and a bright color of a handbag. This gold necklace actually gives the luxurious accent on your dress which is match with your leopard print. To balance the monotone shade, bring a bright handbag like blue or green which is elegant.

Bright Top, Cute Hat and Sneakers

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If you have leopard print pants, pair it with a bright top. Peach or turquoise will be cool on you. Undoubtedly, with the accessories like a cute black hat and sneakers are excitedly fun as well. Very cool! ;)

Black Jeans Pants and Flat Shoes for Simple

For you who love everything simple, this style is perfect. A leopard print blouse pairs with black jeans pants and black flat shoes is very elegant. Very simple but timeless, you will look fashionable in this style.

Leather Jacket and Boots

What if we combine both of masculine and feminine to your fashion? It’s cool I think. A leopard mini dress added with a black leather jacket and black boots, so stylish.

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