Awesome Women Styles for the Casual Party

In a casual party, you need something glamour but not too much appearance. You may need to have a chic and glamour look for the weekend dates, clubbing or party with your friends. So, how to create a comfy but also chic and glamour style? It may sound difficult. You just need to add some glamour touch on your style like the below inspirations.

Blue Leather Dress

A super chic look can be created with a blue color leather dress. Opt for the sleeveless dress with the zip slit on the side as a fun accent on you look. Open the zip in the middle to create a sexy slit on your dress. Here you may need more statements which can be filled with the striped pumps and a little clutch. The metallic accents on the bracelets are also fancy on you.

Metallic Silver Pants

If you don’t like a dress for your casual party, you can choose the metallic color pants instead of a dress. The glamor look is created by the metallic silver pencil pants which look attractive on you and also elegant. You can pair your pants with a pale blue top which looks match with the silver pants. Add some glamor touches with a layer of beautiful necklaces and bracelets. It will be more elegant and feminine with the metallic silver pumps and envelope clutch which instantly enhance your appearance.

Feminine Floral Strapless Top

For the most feminine look, you can pick a floral strapless top to combine with a mini skirt. Create the glamour and elegant look with a black color flare mini skirt. Tuck the top in the skirt for the chic look with a little belt on your waist. Wear a pair of black strappy wedges which go perfectly with your feminine style. With the beautiful necklace, your appearance will be awesome and glamour.

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Metallic Gold Top

Keep it simple but glamour with a metallic gold crop top. Pair it with a mini skirt which looks so elegant on you. Make it easy with a pair of black pumps which mix perfectly on your whole appearance. Bring a little glamour clutch and add a simple bracelet which both enhances your casual party style.

Feminine Floral Strapless Top with a Black Mini Skirt Awesome Women Styles for the Casual Party Casual Party Look with the Metallic Silver Pants Awesome Women Styles for the Casual Party Metallic Gold Croped Top and Black Velvet Mini Skirt for a Casual Party Awesome Women Styles for the Casual Party

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