Backless Dress, How to Wear It Properly

Backless dress with its feminine accents is perfect to show your sensuality and elegance. But if you don’t prepare properly wearing this dress, instead of being sexy and elegant, you may find an unexpected condition of your appearance. Your back, underwear, and material of dress must be your consideration before you decide to use a backless dress.

Beautiful Back

Wearing a backless dress means you must expose your back. Therefore, make sure that there are no pimples, spots or stripes on your back. Care your skin health by scrubbing routinely to regenerate dead skin cells and don’t forget to apply body lotion to make your skin smoother.

Choose Right Bra

Having big boobs may become your difficulty of wearing a backless dress. You need to cover your boobs properly while you expose your back and you don’t want your bra to disturb your lovely back. There are some choices of bras you can wear for your backless dress such as adhesive bra, nipple tape, and invisible back bra. You can choose one which is appropriate for you and you must feel secure with it. Make sure that your bra fits with your size and comfortable for you.

As an additional suggestion, if you want extra secure wearing a backless bra, you better to choose a tight dress which fit with your body. It will help you to keep your appearance like as it should be.

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Choosing Right Material

Yes, dress with open detail is legitimate anyway casually or formally. It depends on the material you choose for your dress. For example, when you want to wear it for the daytime occasion, you can choose spandex or cotton. Meanwhile, if you want to wear a backless dress for a night event, you better to choose satin, silk, lace or tulle which are perfect for you.


Accessories and Hairstyle

After you pick the best dress for your event, you should consider your accessories and hairstyle to enhance your appearance. Of course, accessories must be matched with your dress for example if you wear a solid color of a blue dress, you can add a black or dark blue necklace to beautify your appearance.

For the hairstyle, if you have a very long hair, you should wear your hair up so it doesn’t cover your back. Your look will be so wonderful.

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