Bad Impacts Caused by Hair Extension

Indeed, the women always want to have the best look from head to toe. Especially, for the hair, sometimes the women who have short hair but still want the long hair, they trick it by using the hair extension. What’s it? Hair extension is extending the process for the hair instantly.

If you use the hair extension, maybe the good impact is you have the best appearance and look stylish as you want, but, the hair extension has more bad impacts for the hair health and scalp.

The process is, your real hair will extendable with the fake hair (sometimes the hair extension uses the fake or real human hair). This is will make your scalp becomes stress and the hair growth diminish. So, this condition will cause inflammation on the outer layer. You hair becomes dull, brittle, and easily broken.

  1. If you use the hair extension, automatically your head be heavy because the load is at the bottom. Your hair follicles become weak and fall easily.
  2. The use of glue also can damage your hair. When the hair extension is released, your real hair is worse than before.
  3. Hair extension can increase the baldness risk because your real hair becomes weak and fall easily as I said before.

When you want to make your hair looks longer by using this process, you can choose the real human hair extension. You can differentiate the real and the fake by washing them, the fake one will be more tangled after washing it, but the real hair will never be that. But, the best solution is just let your lovely hair long by itself, because your hair is your crown. The natural process is good for you. Anyway, there are much natural hair treatments for having thick, healthy, and long hair.

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Beautiful Women with Wonderful Hair Extension Bad Impacts Caused by Hair Extension Colored Hair Extension for Women Bad Impacts Caused by Hair Extension Nice Clip in Hair Extension for Women Bad Impacts Caused by Hair Extension

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