Try These Basic Fashion Tips to Look Stunning Everyday

Among the OOD popularities, people are more expert in combining the basic fashion. To support this fashion trend, the most popular fashion items are basic wear. Why? It’s because basic fashion looks casual and easy to be combined with other fashion items. So, how to look fashionable with basic fashion items? See these basic fashion tips to make you awesome!

Multiple Choices

Wearing a basic outfit such as a dress in a color will make you look monotone. Therefore, there is no wonder to try layer fashion. You could wear a top like T-shirt or blouse and combine it with jeans. Don’t forget to add a blazer as an outerwear. This basic fashion is perfect moreover if you who don’t like the girly style.

Play with Color

A reason which makes basic outfit looks boring is because of a flat color. To outsmart it, you should be brave to play some colors on your appearance. As the basic fashion tips for you, combine a top or dress with your bag color. Here, you can do the color blocking style to look bold.

Unique Design

Usually, the design of basic wear is too simple and monotone. But recently, you can find so many designs in online of fashion stores which are unique and different. Basic fashion tips for you are selecting fashion items with the asymmetrical cutting and artsy. For you who like a sexy look, cut out can be a choice. When you want to look casual with basic fashion tips, choose the simple design.

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Now I’ll say that accessories are a must. The accessories are not only as the additional accent on your outfit but also become fashion statement which expresses your personality. Thus, the next basic fashion tips are creating the more attractive appearance with some accessories. Wear a necklace or layer necklaces or only a bangle wrist.

Combine with Stripe Pattern

Besides playing the color, playing with pattern also becomes the important basic fashion tips. Select a classic striped patterned fashion item for your appearance such as your top, pants or skirt.


Wearing heels are the basic fashion tips which can enhance your look instantly. Heels can also make you look taller as well as fashionable with your basic fashion style. With those fashion tips, now you will not confuse again to style with your basic wear for the stylish look every day.

Basic Fashion Style with a White T shirt Blazer and Jeans Try These Basic Fashion Tips to Look Stunning Everyday Basic Fashion with Simple Outfit and Colored Accessories Try These Basic Fashion Tips to Look Stunning Everyday Simple Basic Outfit with a Striped T shirt Cardigan and Jeans Try These Basic Fashion Tips to Look Stunning Everyday

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