Beautiful Nail Arts for Beginners

Nail arts are the best way to make your nails beautiful and awesome. There are many ideas to decorate your nails from the simplest until the ambidextrous nail arts. But if you aren’t expert yet, you can try some simple nail arts which are also beautiful and elegant. You don’t need to have long nails to try these simple tips for you.

Red Color

This style is special for you who like the glamour and perfect appearance. Paint your nails with red nail polish in two layers. Then use a toothpick to create some little white dots on your red nails. Finish with a coat to make your nails sparkling.

Simple Flower

Similar to the previous way, you can make a flower with your nail polish. First, paint your nails with pink nail polish and then make a flower with the silver nail polish. Finish the process by adding the transparent coat.

Color Dots

If you like the cheerful design, you can make some color dots on your nails. First, give white base coat on your nails in two layers and wait until dry. Use a toothpick to apply some color dots to your nails. You can pick a bright color like aquamarine, sky blue, or turquoise for your dots. Finally, cover your nails with the transparent coat.

Cute Geometries

For more attractive look, add some cute geometries like stars, crescent moon, etc. First, layer your nails with transparent coat and let it dry. After that, make star or moon patterns on your nails with soft color nail polish.

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Chic and Glossy Nail Arts

This model may good for you as a beginner. Prepare scotch tape, scissor, and two shades nail polish to make it. First, paint your nail with a soft color as the base and wait until dry. Then stick the scotch tape on your nail in a different way for every nail. Apply a darker color nail polish on your nails and wait until dry. Then get off the tape from your nails and you will get attractive shades of your nails. Finally, give the transparent coat as the glossy result.

They are easy, right? You will have a wonderful appearance with those simple nail arts.

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