Beauty Tips to Make Beautiful Eyes Appearance

People may predict your feeling by looking at your eyes. Thus, you should treat your eye’s health rightly. Eye treatment and eye makeup can significantly make you look more attractive. Here are some beauty tips to make beautiful eyes appearance.

Cleaning Face Routinely

With many activities we do every day, it will certainly bring on a dirty face. Don’t let it happens every day because it can cause acne problem and dull look. Therefore, you should always clean your face after doing outside activities. By doing this tips, it will bring the beautiful eyes appearance and thus enhance your confidence. Besides, your face will also be brighter.

Applying Eyeshadow

Another way to create beautiful eyes look is by applying eyeshadow. Wearing eyeshadow on the eyelids can also make your eyes more beautiful and brighter. But, you must remember to match the eyeshadow color with your skin tone, outfits, and event you will go on. To ease you in creating this beautiful eyes appearance, choose a neutral color such as brown. Or, combine two colors eyeshadow, soft and the darker one.


To make your eyes looks perfect, don’t forget to add eyeliner on your eyes. There are some types of eyeliner such as pencil eyeliner, gel eyeliner, pen eyeliner and liquid eyeliner. For the makeup beginners, you are suggested to use pencil eyeliner because it tends to be easier and natural rather than the other eyeliner types. Gel eyeliner also gives the natural look for daily makeup. By applying eyeliner, you will have the beautiful eyes appearance instantly.

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Having the beautiful eyes appearance cannot only be created with eyeshadow and eyeliner but also mascara for eyelashes. Mascara can make your eyelashes thicker and curlier. For more natural look, it is better to use transparent mascara and apply it carefully.

Eye Primer

Eye primer makes your eye makeup lasts longer and the color will be perfect. How to apply is very easy. You only need apply it on your eyelids with your fingertip. By applying this eye primer will perfectly remain the beautiful eyes appearance.

Pencil Eyebrow

Don’t forget about your eyebrow. To make your eyes more beautiful, you could apply pencil eyebrow in black or brown color based on your hair color or skin tone. It will make your beautiful eyes appearance look more natural.

Applying Eyeshadow Makeup Tips Beauty Tips to Make Beautiful Eyes Appearance Applying Mascara Makeup Tips Beauty Tips to Make Beautiful Eyes Appearance Drawing Eyebrow Naturally Beauty Tips to Make Beautiful Eyes Appearance

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