Black Dress & Favorite Parfume

Many opinions say that the favorite flavor has no direct relationship with someone’s fashion style. Although there was never any concrete explanation, but in fact the style of a person dress is identical with their personality, which indirectly has a bond with the scent of their favorite perfume.

Based on the above explanation, it’s not an overstatement if you begin to pay attention to your dress style with the smell of your favorite perfume. Especially if the dress are considered formal dress worn only at certain moments, such as your black dress. How is the relationship between your favorite perfume to your choice of a black dress?

If you are a fan of spicy-scented perfume, like the scent of ginger or cinnamon, you usually have an open personality. You are the one who likes to dress sexy that is able to display the impression of elegance and sensual woman. Therefore, black dress that suits you is an open neck dress with a model that followed the fall of curves.

If you are happy with masculine-scented perfume, which contains a scent of wood such as sandalwood and so on, means that you personally have a masculine character that is quite prominent. Considering this background, the dress of your choice are usually simple and in minimal detail. In order not to seem too simple and uninteresting, you should choose a halter-neck black dress made of satin. Although simple and masculine impressed, but still reflected an aura of elegance.

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If you liked the perfume of sweet-scented flowers and feminine, usually closed to your personality which like things that are romantic. Dress of your choice usually reflects that impression through beautiful details, like ribbons, ruffles, frills, drapes, and so forth. Black dress with open shoulders seemed suitable for you.

Let’s start choose the best black dress of your own.

Woman with Black Elegant Sexy Dress Black Dress & Favorite Parfume

Black Lace Midi Dress Black Dress & Favorite Parfume

Charming Black Dress with Lace for Feminine Personality Black Dress & Favorite Parfume

Gorgeous Feminine Black Dress Black Dress & Favorite Parfume

Hot Sexy Black Dress Black Dress & Favorite Parfume






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