Take Care of Your Jewelry

Do not let your jewelry unkempt and abandoned. Although trivial and often overlooked, is essential for maintaining and caring for your jewelery collection in accordance with the type and material respectively. Identify the type of jewelry and the caring ways to stay awake luster, keep the color and quality.

In the jewelry store, the most important tips is to keep jewelry based on the material, below are few other tips.

* Jewelry of gold gilding, has merged with all who also has gold gilding.
* These tips also apply to other collections beside gold, such as those made of silver, copper, and animal bones.
* Special for vintage jewelry, to keep the color does not fade so easy, store the vintage jewelry in a soft textured pouch made of silk.
* Vintage jewelry usually has age that old enough, for vintage jewelry should be more durable, then it need to be store in a cool room and not exposed to direct sunlight.
* To clean your jewelry collection, use a soft textured fabric and not too wet. Simply wet the cloth with liquid soap, rub gently on the jewelry, then rinse. For the hard part to reach, use a fluffy brush or children toothbrush. After jewelry being washed, let stand until completely dry, and then stored in special boxes.

By taking care of your jewelry collection, then you are keeping your future, who knows that particular of your vintage jewelry will have a high selling power.
Traditional Closet for Your Jewelery  Take Care of Your Jewelry

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Closets for Your Jewelery Collection Take Care of Your Jewelry

Modern Jelewely Drawers Set Take Care of Your Jewelry

Modern Jewelery Storage Drawers Take Care of Your Jewelry

Mounted Jewelery Closet Storage Take Care of Your Jewelry




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