Casual and Chic with Mini Skirt

Mini skirt has existed around the 1950s and continues to be a trend. Casual and chic, the first impression of mini skirt thus it becomes a most favorite girls outfit around the world. It’s simple and easy to be combined in some variety of styles. But sometimes, you may still not confident with your appearance as some reasons, for instance, the bulky legs. Think smart! You’ll find using mini skirt isn’t impossible.

Thigh-length Skirts

Some girls, especially for the plus-size bodies, avoid using the mini skirt. Actually, using mini skirt make your legs looked longer. Thigh-length skirt is a lovely choice for you who have hourglass and apple-shaped body. Choose the simplest one for the elegant appearance. For informal style, match it with a casual T-shirt or a long-sleeve blouse. Create a perfect touch with a solid-color skirt and tops.

Bubble Skirts

Bubble skirt fits with straight and skinny figures. If you are not confident with your straight body, now’s your time to show your beautiful legs with a bubble skirt. The bulge at the bottom of the skirt will hide your flat and give a curve impression to your body.

Stocking and Legging

Stocking or legging is the perfect addition to the mini skirt. It is an alternative for you who are not confident to expose your legs. But if you want to use a skirt with a stocking, choose the neutral color of stocking such as black or white or even skin color. Another way, you can combine your upper-thigh skirt with a legging for a casual style. Complete with chic boots or sneakers for your wintertime style.

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Oversized Sweater

If you like of having the simple but bold fashion, combine your mini skirt with an oversized sweater. It also matches with sneakers and flat shoes. This style will make your appearance amazingly casual as well as lovely. Add an accessory such as a beautiful necklace for a pretty touch for your sweater.

Jeans Jacket

For a vintage and stunning look, a jeans jacket will enhance your style. The blue jean jacket is matched with every kind of mini skirt. Combine it with a striped T-shirt and a solid color skirt for a stylish and elegant appearance.

Choose a style which is comfortable and fit for you. Stay confident and be yourself!

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