Casual Look On Jeans

Jeans will always give a casual look for any who wear them. Although impressed relaxed wearing jeans, but you also should not just choose any model of jeans without fit it to your body. Not all models of jeans fit to your body shape. Customize model of jeans that appropriate for your body shape so that your appearance will not look weird.

Skinny Jeans
This model is precisely the choice if you have slender legs. But for those who have big hip and big thighs should avoid to wear this kind of jeans because your body will look shorter and not proportional.

High Waisted
This model is suitable for you who have waist with a long torso. But for those who have a straight waist and short torso, this jeans is not yours, because it will make you seems to be sink.

Boot Cut
The shape is similar to the bell widens at the bottom of the pants to disguise the excess curves. This jeans is the best choice for large hips and thighs.

Straight leg
This jeans is the perfect solution for someone who have short body because it will camouflaged short legs. You can also deal it by wearing shoes with high heels of approximately 7 cm so that the body look taller.

Some tips which you can use as a consideration when you want to buy jeans, some of them : Make sure the length of jeans that you bought really fit with your height. In addition will make the appearance look proportional also to make it easier to move on your feet. If you must cut your jeans because the size is too long, make sure the thread that will be used same as the original. Choose jeans that are soft and not rigid can be more comfortable to wear. If you need you jeans do not quickly fade, wash jeans by reversing it.

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Straight Leg Jeans for Women Casual Look On Jeans

HIghWaist Jeans Casual Look On Jeans

Skinny Jeans for Men Casual Look On Jeans

Skinny Jeans for Women Casual Look On Jeans

Slim Boot Cut Jeans Casual Look On Jeans

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