Casual and Sporty Appearance with a Blazer

There is no limitation of being stylish and fashionable with any kind of outfit. Blazer is a fashion item that can be easily combined with other fashion items. Actually, the blazer is identical with a formal and neat appearance which usually used as an office costume. Thus, you rarely wear your blazer for daily outfits because you don’t have any idea to make it comfy as your daily outfit. This article will help you to find some casual and sporty ways in wearing a blazer. Prepare your favorite blazer ladies!

Black Blazer

Before we go to how to have a casual appearance with a blazer, you must know that a black blazer is essential for you. Like other fashion items, black color is always easy combined with any kind of color. Not only for the formal outfits, a black blazer can also complete your casual style by combining it with jeans, bright color jumpsuit or dress. You can wear your sneakers to make you more casual.

Simple Blazer

You don’t need a super glamor and expensive blazer to have a fashionable and wonderful appearance. If you want a fancy style, you can add some accessories to enhance your look. Match your accessories with your blazer. For the edgy look, you can wear the ethnic necklace, bracelet, and ring. Don’t forget to bring your handbag or clutch in the same scheme color to harmonize your look. Jeans or leggings and sneakers will make you more casual and cool.

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Light Color Blazer

Not only black, you should also own a light color blazer to cheer your day. You can choose beige, white, pink or Tosca which looks more attractive on you. If you want to wear a bright color blazer, you should choose a neutral color T-shirt underneath and combine it with jeans, mini skirt or another casual item.

Sports Blazer

A simple blazer will also look cool combine with a T-shirt and jogger pants. This style is suitable for you who like a sporty appearance. It can be your choice when you want to go to a music concert, hang out, or watching a sports event. If you are bored with the common blazer, you can pick a denim blazer which instantly makes you look sporty and cool.

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