How to Look Casual with a Tulle Skirt

If you are looking for a cute and feminine look like a ballerina, a tulle skirt is an answer. The tulle skirts are always used for the ballerina costume since the material is light and fall beautifully. Now, this fashion item is popular among fashionistas in the world which are brought in many street styles, not only glamour look but also casual. If you don’t have any idea how to look casual with your tulle skirt, this article is the answer. See the following tips on how to look casual with a tulle skirt.

Denim Jacket

The first fashion item to create the casual look with a tulle skirt is a denim jacket. If you always put your denim jacket with your skinny jeans or leggings, now it’s time to create another style with it. Wear a striped T-shirt and pair it with your white tulle skirt. Add a denim jacket as the stylish accent to your look.  Give the colorful touch with a pair of bright color flat shoes.

Plaid Shirt

Actually, plaid shirt is also a timeless fashion item to create the casual look. You can pair your plaid shirt with a tulle skirt. To balance the patterns on your shirt, you should choose a neutral color skirt such as black or another dark color which looks match with your plaid shirt. If you want the fancier look, you can add some accessories like a beautiful necklace and watch. Opt for a pair of animal printed shoes for more glamour look on your casual style.

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Striped Sweatshirt

The easiest way to create a casual look with your tulle skirt is combining with a striped sweatshirt. Pick black and white striped sweatshirt with the long sleeves and a white tulle midi skirt for your casual style. Give the different touch with the animal printed flats and a vintage clutch.

Graphic T-shirt

Make the balance between the edgy and feminine look by combining a graphic tee with a tulle skirt. You should opt for a cool white graphic tee and pair it with an ivory color of a tulle mini skirt. Make your appearance amazingly casual and stylish with the cool sneakers.

Striped Sweatshirt with a Tulle Skirt How to Look Casual with a Tulle Skirt Denim Jacket with a White Tulle Skirt How to Look Casual with a Tulle Skirt Graphic Tee with a Tulle Mini Skirt and Sneakers How to Look Casual with a Tulle Skirt


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