Chic and Stylish Way to Wear Patches this Fall

Patches are the coolest fashion trend which reminds us of the ‘80s and ‘90s fashion trends. Wearing outfits with patches look so colorful, fun, and unique. You can add patches permanent on your outfit by ironing them or just pinning them. So, how to wear patches in this fall season? Try these tips!

Plain Sweater

Make your plain sweater more attractive and colorful by pinning some cute patches. Stick them in clusters for more elegant and chic arrangement. Tuck your sweater in your denim mini skirt which looks perfect in this fall.

Leather Jacket

Putting some patches on your leather jacket for more glamour look. Choose a simple and natural color of the leather jacket and make it chicer with cool patches.

Turtleneck Shirt

Adding a bunch of tiny patches on the collar of your turtleneck shirt can be fun and unique. Pick your plain turtleneck shirt in a bright color such as pink for more cheerful appearance. You can combine your shirt with jeans or denim skirt.

Plain White Sneakers

White sneakers are actually timeless fashion item. If you want a different look for your plain sneakers, you can add some cute patches on them. Choose some little patches and iron them in random for cool and fun appearance.

Plain White T-shirt

A super cheap and simple white tee can be so cool with a cluster of patches. Try this way with some cute patches on one side of your T-shirt. Just pair it with jeans can be simply stylish or add a leather jacket for more glamour appearance.

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Baseball Cap

Do you want to makeover your old cap? It’s easy. Pick one beautiful shape of a patch and sew it on your baseball cap. Now you have a wonderful cap to accompany your fall fashion.

Big Patches

If you want a different way in adding patches, you can choose some big patches for your outfit. Choose some cute shape patches in an attractive theme which can be added on your jeans or other outfits.

A Theme Patches

You may try random patches to be added on your some outfits. Actually, you can make it in a theme for a more elegant appearance like some different colors of lips shape.

Cool Leather Flight Jacket with Faux Fur Collar and Patches Chic and Stylish Way to Wear Patches this Fall Beautiful Girl Wear Baseball Cap with Patches Chic and Stylish Way to Wear Patches this Fall Cute Pink Sweater with a Nice Patches Chic and Stylish Way to Wear Patches this Fall

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