Choker Necklace to Complete Your Style

Choker necklace actually has existed around the 1990s in the world. But recently, women and girls tend to raise this trend again. This necklace is unique and has so many designs and colors. If you like to use choker necklace, you must consider some other things like what outfits which match with this necklace. Read these following tips that may help you to have a good combination with your choker.

V-neck Tops

Outsmart your choker by wearing a V-neck blouse which gives a lanky impression of your neck. With the V-neck blouse, your chic choker will be catchier. For a feminine and sexier look, wear a low V-neck blouse with the choker which has the same color of your blouse. It can create a wonderful appearance for your wonderful day.

Consider the Choker Thickness

It is very important to know what model which is suitable and fit for your neck. The thickness of the choker can make your neck look shorter. If you have a longer thin neck, you can choose many thick models of the choker but if you have a shorter neck, you must choose the thinnest one for your neck. The key is it must be proportional for your appearance so you will be more beautiful.

Match with Your Outfit and Makeup

Not just the shape and size, you must also consider your makeup and dress when you decide to use a choker. Choose a choker which is match with your dress and makeup. For example, a net choker is usually completed the grunge style with a T-shirt and shirt like period 1990s or Rock n’ Roll leather jacket of 1980s.

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Meanwhile, a metal choker is usually worn to bold the futuristic of modern or edgy style. Match it with a dress which is more structural, minimalist, or assertive. A choker with crystal, pearl, lace, flower or other lovely ornaments is fantastic to your night event with a luxurious gown.

Change Your Hairstyle

Wearing a choker with your hair down is not a good idea. As another option, change your hair style in a neater style like ponytail or up-do moreover if you have a round shaped face. Your neck will look cleaner, thinner and neater.

Make your own style of wearing your favorite choker necklace and be yourself!

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