Choose the Right Brush or Comb for Your Hair

Well, it’s important to have the best appearance from head to toe. The women always want to style their hair as good as possible. Also, always want to have hair which is easy to be styled. But, before you want to style your hair as you want, better you know the type of comb, because if you choose the wrong one will cause some problems on your hair such as hair loss or split ends hair. Similar to the makeup brushes which they have their own function, so do the combs.

Wide-toothed comb

This comb is for the dry hair or damp hair to tidy up the tangled hair. It’s also for the curly and wavy hair.

Pick comb

Its shape looks like a fork. For you who have curly or frizzy hair, this comb is special for you.

Teaser comb

To get the wavy effect, this comb fits to ruffle the hair to give a little volume.

Tail comb

It’s also called as bouffant comb because for getting the bouffant and volume on the hair. The pointed handle is to grab the hair to be created as braid or bun.

Boar bristles brush

If you have wispy hair, use this brush which its function to remove the hair natural oil and stimulate the hair growth.

Synthetic bristle brush

Having this comb inside your bag is a must, especially for the tangled hair. This comb can make your tangled hair becomes tidy.

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Paddle brush

Straight hair? This brush is suitable for you. Before ironing the hair, comb your hair with it.

Round brush

It has the rounded tip. If you want to get the volumized hair effect and slightly curved hair, use this brush. Be careful when using it, because can cause the hair loss.

Vented brush

This is the best for you who have the unruly hair. It’s also can help your wet hair dries quickly and suitable for your daily after shampooing and styling the hair.

You just knew the type of combs and brushes for the hair, So, which one is appropriate for your hair? Choose the right!

Pick Comb for Curly Hairstyles Choose the Right Brush or Comb for Your Hair Tail Comb to Get the Bouffant and Volume on the Hair Choose the Right Brush or Comb for Your Hair Wide Toothed Comb to Avoid Your Hair Fall Choose the Right Brush or Comb for Your Hair

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