Choose the Best Color for Your Lips!

Every woman knows this thing. Yup! It’s a lipstick. This is a women’s best friend all the time. A woman without lipstick is like a tree without leaves. The lipstick is for coloring your lips and giving a different feel for your face. Nowadays, people not only use the monotone color of lipstick. What’s it? Yes, red! This is an everlasting choice for the women. But, now, they bolder in choosing lipstick color. They choose nude, hot pink, even black or brown.

You can do the same. But, remember to choose a lipstick which suitable for your skin tone. Generally, the women use a lipstick color and adjust it with their outfit color.

For you who have fair skin, maybe it’s better for you to avoid the coral color or red color which mixed with the orange color. This color will make your face looks dull. Choose the berry color, pink, nude, golden, or shimmer; they’re suitable for your fair skin. You can also choose the rust/cinnamon color to use in the afternoon or night. Avoid using the hot pink color, it makes your face looks paler.

This is for the medium skin tone owner. Avoid using pale chestnut or light brown. Choose dark caramel color, brown with yellow or pink hue, make sure every hue has dark hue. If you want a bright look for your face, choose little dark red, crimson, maroon (i.e. blue-based) or for a warm look, you can choose brown-based. You can also choose dark pink for a warm look.

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You can choose the reddish brown (i.e. maroon color) or dark brown (i.e. coffee or chocolate color). Also, use the dark pink (i.e. berry, plum, or rose color), red (i.e. brown-based color) or dark red. But, avoid the cool or blue-based color, or coral. These are all for your tanned skin.

For your black skin, you should choose red colors (i.e. blue-based color) such as mahogany, red wine, or dark plum. You’re suitable for using all brown color, if you want a light look, maybe you choose the light brown color.

Before purchasing a lipstick, it’s better for you to try it. Apply the lipstick on your fingertip in order to know if the lipstick suit you or not and know the lipstick texture whether thin, glossy, matte or others.

Nice Light Pink Lipstick Color for Minimalist Women in Fashion Choose the Best Color for Your Lips! Beautiful Women with Orange Peach Lipstick Color Choose the Best Color for Your Lips! Exotic Women Use Red Lipstick Color Choose the Best Color for Your Lips!

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