Choose Earrings Which Suitable for Your Face

The accessory which is identical with the women is earrings. This ear ornament makes the ladies look more feminine. Choosing this ornament isn’t as easy as people think. In addition to adjusting with the outfit and what event to be attended, it also adjusts to the face shape. If you’ll attend a formal event, definitely you’ll use the glamorous or elegant earrings, then for a casual event, you’ll choose the simple earrings design. But, if you choose the earrings which aren’t suitable for your face shape, it will worsen your appearances.

Well, to avoid the bad appearance, let’s talk about the solutions, by adjusting the earrings with your face shape.

 Square-shaped face

The earrings which suitable for this square face shape are big round oval-shaped earrings or stacked earring design which can hide your jaw and look more pointed. Avoid the square or angular earrings.

Heart-shaped face

This owner has a pointed chin. By using square or triangle earrings will look more beautiful. Both of them will help to hide the firmness of the chin and make your face more balanced and rounded. Don’t use earrings which its shape is narrowed on the bottom like the heart-shaped or inverted triangle.

Round-shaped face

If you have round face shape, you should avoid using of loop earrings or round-shaped ear stud because they will make your face look chubbier. Choose square, rectangle, triangle-shaped which will make your face look longer.

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Oval-shaped face

This is a pride for you who have this oval-shaped face. Because this is suitable for using any shaped earrings. But, if you want to look trendier, you can use round-shaped earrings.

So, determine your earrings for balancing your appearance! Remember, don’t let you wear a casual look but give glamorous earrings for your ears. Fashion is about balanced appearance.

Stylish and Nice Triangle Shaped Earrings for Girls Choose Earrings Which Suitable for Your Face Beautiful Girl with Big Round Shaped Earrings Choose Earrings Which Suitable for Your Face Nice Girls with Simple Square Earrings Design Choose Earrings Which Suitable for Your Face

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