Choose The Right Swimsuit

Choosing a swimsuit fits to our body shape is not easy. If choosing the wrong model, cut and color will actually show the deficiencies of our body shape. Choose a swimsuit that fits to the body shape so that you can enjoy your swim activities comfortably.

Do not have a waist curve
Choose a swimsuit with wrinkles detailed or tape application or tiny belts at the waist to give the curves impression.

Having a distended abdomen
Choose a swimsuit with a pattern of diagonal lines. The style of this attractive diagonal line will help divert attention away from your belly. Or if you dare to look more attractive, choose a swimsuit that has a special holder on the abdomen, making it look more flat and slim.

Having a pear body
Choose a swimsuit with dark colors or with detail at the neckline to divert attention. Or if you choose a two pieces swimsuit, especially for the bottom select the colors with the darker shades of the top.

The one that can not be ignored is that the selection of the right colors will help to disguise the shape of your body. Swimsuit with a dark color with a pattern of vertical lines can help to give the impression of a slimmer body and proportional. Bright color is perfect for dark-skinned or tanned.

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