Choosing the Right Party Dress for Your Body Type

When you should attend a party, you may always wear a dress for the formal look. Wearing a dress actually gives the elegant and feminine look on your appearance. But sometimes, women may not concern on their body type instead of the style and details of their dress. You may only focus on the beautiful look of your dress when choosing a party dress. Actually, the first important way you should do is, knowing your body type. It’s important to make your dress looks proportional and elegant on you. Here are some references for you in choosing party dress according to your body type.

Apple Body Type

The characteristic of this body type is the upper body, start from shoulders, waist, until hip have the same size and the legs are slimmer. You can wear a party dress which has a waist cutting or belt and V-neck to make your upper body looks slimmer and taller. Avoid a dress without any waist cutting because it will make your body looks bigger. In choosing party dress for this body type, you could select a simple wrap dress.

Pear Body Type

This kind of body type tends to have the bigger bottom size than the upper body. If you have this body type, try to wear a dress with the A-line shape, empire or ball gown when choosing party dress. Those party dresses can hide your big hips beautifully. Besides, party dress with the V-neck detail, off-shoulder or halter neck can also balance your pear body look.

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Hourglass Body Type

Well, the hourglass is almost all the women’s body goal with the slim waist and same size between the upper and bottom. Although you have this body type, you must also be smart in choosing a party dress. Try a dress with the mermaid, A-line or bodycon shape to enhance your body look.

Rectangle Body Type

Rectangle body type women have the same size from shoulders, waist until hips or in another word, straight. The rectangle body type tends to doesn’t have waist silhouette. So, choosing party dress for rectangle body type must concern on details to create the fuller look. Choose a dress with sequin or other glamor accessories details on bust and shoulder. Besides, the A-line dress with the ruffles accent can also give the curvy illusion on your body.

A line Dress with Ruffle and Bow Details for Rectangle Body Type Women Choosing the Right Party Dress for Your Body Type Black Wrap Dress for Apple Woman Body Type Choosing the Right Party Dress for Your Body Type Empire Party Dress for Pear Body Type Women Choosing the Right Party Dress for Your Body Type

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