Choosing Women’s Bag According to the Body Shape

A bag has become one of the most important items for women. Now, it doesn’t only aim to keep women’s stuff but also to upgrade the women’s style. Bag and fashion are the two things that cannot be separated. Some experts suggest that women should choose bag according to the body shape to create the best appearance. Choosing women’s bag is not only about fashion now, but also about the body shape. If you find the difficulties in choosing women’s bag, you should read this article further!

Curvy Body Shape

Choosing women’s bag for the curvy body shape should be careful. For you who have the curvy body shape, choose a bag in square shape like a doctor’s bag. This type of bag can give the perfect line for your curvy body look.

Fat Body Shape

For you who have fat body shape, you better avoid the small bag. The Too small bag will make your body look bigger. In choosing women’s bag, you should select a bag in a bigger size with a long strap to balance your appearance.

Pear Body Shape

The pear body shape women should choose bags in the envelope style. Carrying a little bag in hand will bring people attention to the hand instead of the hips. Thus, you should remember this when choosing women’s bag.

Big Body Shape

Opt for a bag without too much structure in choosing women’s bag. The light hobo bag or canvas bag are the best choices for this body shape. The slim bag will look lighter for the body appearance without looking too much.

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Tall and Slim Body Shape

The slim and tall women must avoid choosing too big women’s bag. The very big women’s bag will make your body looks tinier. Also, avoid a bag with the too short strap when choosing women’s bag because it creates the taller illusion. Therefore select one which is suitable for your body look.

Petite Women

If you have the small body, it is better to avoid bag which is too big for you. You could choose a bag with a fit strap when shopping the women’s bag. It makes your appearance elegant and balanced.

Envelope Bag for Pear Body Shape Women Choosing Women’s Bag According to the Body Shape Fit Size Bag for Slim and Tall Women Choosing Women’s Bag According to the Body Shape Womens Bag for Curvy Body Shape Choosing Women’s Bag According to the Body Shape

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