Chubby Face Makeup Tips to Make You More Confident

Of course, every woman wants to look slim and attractive moreover for the face appearance. Having round face type creates the full makeup look on face and looks chubby. To avoid that problem, I have some chubby face makeup tips for you to create the slimmer face look instantly.


In creating the best chubby face makeup, you need a foundation in a darker color than your skin tone. Apply the foundation by drawing a line on the under cheekbones to create the more tapering face look. Then, make it perfect with the foundation in the same color with your skin tone. This chubby face makeup trick camouflages the cheeks become slimmer. Create the long lasting makeup look by adding bronzer on the cheek line.


After applying bronzer, you can add highlight which accentuates your cheek bones. Apply the lighter skin powder or highlighter on under eye until upper the cheek bone and also the T-zone area. Applying bronzer and highlighter adds the dimension on the face and makes the bone structure more beautiful.


Blush makeup is usually added to create the blusher accent on cheeks to look fresh and beautiful. But, have you known that blush can also create the slimmer face look? Yes, it’s true if you know the technique. For you who have a chubby face look, apply blush makeup slightly from the cheekbone to temple. Try to avoid applying blush on the apple cheeks because this way will make your face looks chubbier. This chubby face makeup trick gives the significant effect on the face.

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The chubby face makeup should be also completed by the hairstyle. For round face type, having long hair gives the slimmer accent on the face. You can add a layer in the middle until the tip hair. While, for you who have bangs, you better to style the side bangs. Don’t cut your bangs too short because it will create the wider and bigger face look instantly.

Now, it’s time for you to try those chubby face makeup tips. You don’t need to do much effort or spend much money to look beautiful. Creating the slimmer face look by applying face makeup tips are the best way to do.

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