The Right Colors for Your Outfit Colors

Shoes are something which can complete your appearance. Your style will be perfect if supported by the right shoes. Many people only purchase the shoes just because for a certain event. I mean that they only purchase and wear those shoes to balance the certain outfit or event. But if you are somebody who always cares with every appearance and fashion style, it’s better for you to choose the right shoes for the perfect appearance.

Are you a collar worker? If yes, you have to collect the pantofle shoes and for the office uniform, choose the black color for the pants. It’s suitable for being combined with the shiny black or white pantofle.

If you are a man who loves to wear the jeans pants whether it’s long or not. When you want to purchase the pants, notice the jeans color. The common jeans colors are blue or navy, and usually, match with the shoe color such as tan, yellow, or brown.

You can choose the shoe colors based on your outfit colors, as following below:

Black shoes: this fits all colors, except pastel or earth-toned color (i.e. green, gray, or brown)

Brown shoes: for brown, green, orange, cream, and dark earth-toned color

Light brown shoes: for blue, cream, white, and light earth-toned color

White shoes: for neutral light color, light color, and pastel color

Silver shoes: for pastel, white, black, blue, and purple color

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Grey shoes: for black, blue, gray, red, purple, and yellow

Gold shoes: for green, red, brown, and monochrome outfit color (i.e. black and white). The gold color is a part of the neutral color. Don’t choose the surplus patterned shoes.

Mustard shoes: This is the best for a denim outfit

Choose the shoe colors which fit your skin tone

If you have dark skin color, you can wear the dark colors such as black or brown, also you can wear the light color, but don’t choose the colorful shoes because it’s bad for your appearance. If you have the fair skin, it’s happy for you because it matches with the almost all colors. These tips are also for the girls. Keep in style!

Classy Gilrs Wear Colorful Shoes The Right Colors for Your Outfit Colors Girls with White Shoes The Right Colors for Your Outfit Colors Pantofel Shoes for Girls with Jeans Pants The Right Colors for Your Outfit Colors

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