How to Combine Plaid Shirt Elegantly for Men

A plaid shirt is a fashion item that must be in your closet. There are big or small plaid patterns and different fabric choices at the store. You can choose the most you like but sometimes, it’s difficult to combine plaid shirt in the elegant look. Wearing plaid shirt can make you look too much and tacky if you don’t combine plaid shirt rightly. But if you wear it rightly, even your appearance will look elegant and classy with a plaid shirt. We have some tips for you to combine plaid shirt elegantly for men.

Don’t Combine Too Many Colors

The most elegant plaid shirt for men is the plaid combination of red and black, red and blue, blue and green or other combinations with black color. You are allowed to wear the brighter color combination but it’s appropriate for you and you are confident with it. Also, choose the pattern with neat lines and not messy look to make you more elegant. Usually, the messy plaid in any kind of color always looks not attractive.

Avoid Plaid Shirt with Patches

To combine plaid shirt elegantly, you don’t need details on it since plaid shirt includes a heavy pattern. Some patches like embroidery, graphic, or geometric are not needed on your plaid shirt. Do you ever see shirts like that? You better avoid shirt with many embroidery patches. Even though it may popular as the latest fashion trend, it doesn’t mean that you must always follow it if you want to look handsome and elegant.

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Roll Up the Sleeves

This style can be practiced when you are wearing white T-shirt underneath and open all the buttons. Rolling up the sleeves makes your appearance stylish and attractive. Women also like to see men in this fashion style with their plaid shirt. The rolling up sleeves certainly give the more casual and stylish look in simply. You can combine plaid shirt with a white tee and black pants or shorts.

Wearing White Tee Underneath

This is the most classic way in wearing any kind of shirt include combining plaid shirt. You can open or close your buttons which botch create the attractive and elegant look.

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