The Comeback of ‘90s Fashion Trend

Indeed, the fashion trend always changes. Do you still remember the overall, crop top or oversized denim jacket? Yes! Those all are fashion items which had been the trend in the ’90s and much more. But, this trend is coming back. What’s it? Let’s discuss!


Denim jacket

When in the ’90s, people use this jacket whether the girl or boy. They usually wear the oversized jacket. But, not only in that time, denim jacket still be a trend nowadays. You can have a casual or grunge look with this item. You can also combine this jacket with sneakers, skirt, ripped jeans, or T-shirt.


It’s a cut of the pants or skirt which the length is over the waist. Usually, people combine the high-waisted pants or skirt with the crop top.

Crop top

This is a waist-length top and if you wear this top, your stomach will be exposed. Taylor swift often wears this crop top.

Moto leather jacket

Many men and women wear this leather jacket to have a rock style. It matches with the dress, T-shirt, skirt, jeans pants, and others.


Now, this outfit isn’t only for the kids or teens, girl or boy. The adult men or women, celebrities, and fashion blogger also wear this a la Super Mario Bros outfit. Many people add some details on it such as pins, patches, even distress it. There are two types of overall, they are skirt or pants. If you wear the overall, you’ll look younger and fresh.

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Choker necklace

Generally, many women wear this necklace. It’s a necklace with a pretty tight neckline and has a small pendant.

Platform shoes and boots

The platform is a shoe with the thick sole and little heel. If you can’t stand with the high heel shoes in a long time, this platform shoes can be your alternative. The thick and flat sole will balance your body. Dr. Marten boots also were the popular shoes in the ’90s. The boots are suitable for a grunge look.

Flannel shirt

You can wear this shirt as the outer or top. It can be combined with a T-shirt, jeans pants, overall, sneakers or boots. Tie it around your waist? No problem! It’s for a boyish look.

Which outfit do you wanna try? The oldie but goodie style.

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