If You Still Confuse to Apply Eyeshadow for Party, Read This!

For most of the women, a party is the best time to have the total glamor dress and beautiful makeup. Make sure that you know how to apply eye makeup beautifully with eyeshadow for party which can make you look amazing. Well, as a woman, at least you should know how to apply eyeshadow for daily makeup. If you need some ideas on how to look glamor with eye party makeup, read this eyeshadow for party article.

Day Party Makeup

For the day party makeup, actually, you don’t need many colors of eyeshadow. You only need to combine one or two color eyeshadow for the day party to look natural but beautiful. The color choices for you are brown, green or pink which perfect for a day party. Green color can be the eyeshadow for party makeup because it is suitable for any kind of skin tone. Just decide whether you should select the dark or the bright shade. Prepare bright and dark green eyeshadow, shimmer, mascara, eyeliner and false eyelashes. Choose your favorite eyeshadow, with shimmer or matte. If you want to look glamor, of course, you must choose the shimmery eyeshadow.

First, apply soft green eyeshadow on your eyelid with an applicator brush, then blend it with your fingertip. Add the darker shades to the ¾ outer corner eyelids. Blend this eyeshadow combination to create the natural gradient shade. Don’t forget to add shimmer on under the eyebrow to create the glamor look. Now, make it complete with eyeliner and mascara. With this eyeshadow for party, you will be more confident without looking too much.

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Evening Party Makeup

Different with day party makeup, the evening party eye makeup must be more glamor and fancy. Gray or silver eyeshadow are the best color eyeshadow choice for you. Also prepare the dark gray, soft gray, black and white eyeshadow color. Besides, also prepare the eye primer, pencil eyeliner, mascara and false eyelashes.
First, start with eye primer due to the long lasting result. Create the cat-eye look with pencil eyeliner on the upper lash line and lower lash line to create the dramatic look. Brush soft gray eyeshadow upper the eyeliner and dark gray eyeshadow on the outer corner eyelids. Apply white eyeshadow slightly on the eyelids. Finish it with false eyelashes. See, you are really wonderful with beautiful eyeshadow for party.

Day Party Makeup with Green Eyeshadow Shades If You Still Confuse to Apply Eyeshadow for Party, Read This! Elegant Party Makeup with Blue Eyeshadow Shades If You Still Confuse to Apply Eyeshadow for Party, Read This! Evening Party Makeup with Silver Shimmery Eyeshadow If You Still Confuse to Apply Eyeshadow for Party, Read This!Incoming Search :display, EBBA MPYA BY CHOSEN, Rqhmna

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