Cool Ideas to Modify Your Outdated Jeans

Jeans pants may become your daily favorite outfit. You always go everywhere with your jeans pants and thus your jeans become quickly outdated. Even though your jeans are not attractive anymore, you don’t want to throw them and you just leave them in your closet. Now, you can modify your jeans pants and make them more attractive with these tips.


Cool Ripped Jeans

Make your jeans more attractive with some little rips. It will make your jeans look so different and unique. Just prepare some pins and cutter to make your pants more attractive. Make lines with 2 pins to create the area you want to rip then rip it with your cutter. Make some irregular patterns on your jeans to make it cooler.


Hot Pants or Shorts

Another way to renew your old jeans pants is by making cute shorts. Just cut your jeans with scissors in the middle of the thigh. Let it without sewing to make it cooler. Viola! Now you have new shorts.


Bleached Jeans

Making bleached jeans, why not? Make it by your own with your old jeans. So easy, you just need water and acid or bleacher. Mix the water with the bleacher then soak your jeans in it for about one hour. Don’t forget to rinse it after the soaking process. Now you have cool bleached jeans to go.

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Painted Jeans

Are you bored with your jeans color? Do you want to make it more colorful? Make it more attractive with your acrylic painting. Find acrylic paints in the nearby stationary then make some abstract painting on your old jeans. Make your pants more attractive with the colors of your paints.


Embellished Jeans

Change your ripped jeans into embellished jeans. Pick your shorts and give some ornaments on it like some metals or beads. Or, you can also add some lace to your shorts to make it more feminine and cute.


Chic Flat Shoes

Doesn’t have any different idea? Do you have outdated flat shoes? This idea can be your choice. You can add your jeans material on your flat shoes. Stick your cutting jeans on your shoes and adorn with cute ribbon to make it more attractive.


You can try those ways to modify your old jeans. Be creative!

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