How to Look Cool with Thigh-High Socks

Wearing thigh-high socks is usually identically like a school girl and you may don’t like to use it. Actually, you can wear it in different ways that make you look cool instead of being a schoolgirl. Just open your closet and follow these tips.

Oversized Shirt

You may have an oversized shirt staying in your closet without any idea how to use it. Now, you can match it with your thigh-high socks. With the thigh-length shirt, roll up your sleeves and use your combat boots which have the same color with your thigh-high socks. Now, you will have a super cool style to go with your friends.


If you want to look taller, choose the same color of jumpsuit with your socks. For example, you will be simply wonderful with your black mini jumpsuit and black thigh-high socks and don’t forget your black shoes. This monochrome style will make you look slimmer and taller and even more mature.

Floral Dress

For you who like a feminine style, you can match your thigh-high socks with a mini floral dress. It is so simple but attractive. Complete your outfit with a cute hat and platform shoes which have the same color with your thigh-high socks. Surely, everyone will like your lovely appearance.

Oversized Sweater

A dynamic and active woman always like simple and casual. To match with your thigh-high socks, pick an old oversized sweater from your mother’s closet. You may never know that you will look attractive with them. Wear your ankle boots to perfect your vintage and elegant appearance.

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Jeans Jacket

Combining a jeans jacket with a mini pencil skirt is quite amazing for your appearance. Match them with your thigh-high socks and sneakers. This edgy style will make you look masculine and cool but still beautiful.

Sheer Shirt and Mini Dress

A super cute mini dress combined with a sheer shirt is actually beautiful. This combining is also perfect for your white thigh-high socks and white sneakers. Certainly, you will look like a supermodel, simply cute and casual.

Simple and easy, now you will be more confident with your long socks without look like a schoolgirl moreover you can be more attractive, lovely, cool and sexy.

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