Copy the Way of Dressing of European Women!

Europe especially Paris is a city where the fashionable people live there. The Europeans always have a good appearance every time and everywhere. Even only buy something in the store or take a walk, they stay fashionable with the high heels, coat, boots, or their skirt. If you want to live or holiday in Europe and you want to dress like European, we’ll give you some hints to adapt to the life in Europe, particularly about fashion style.

First, purchase the clothes which really suit to you. The Europeans don’t have a big closet to be fulfilled with the famous designer clothes. They only buy clothes which fit well on them. So, this is can be a little change to save the money for you who always waste your money.

Stay simple and classic for the second hint. They always choose clothes which don’t attract too much attention from others. They choose clothes which can be their everlasting style which stays fashionable and not old-fashioned.

Third, mostly the European love to wear skinny jeans. They love a dark color or only wear jeans which only have little accents (rip or distress). But, you can wear a bright color because they love it too.

Fourth, if you don’t wear a scarf on your head, you don’t need to style your hair in a special way. The people always take it easy about the hairdo. You can make a ponytail or messy bun for your hair. Are you interested?

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Usually, the European women who live in the city wear high heels. We suggest you to wear a pair of boots, sneakers, or wedges if you are not accustomed to the heels because a habit of Europeans is on foot. For your daily, maybe you can wear a pair of sneakers. It will give a casual look. This is the fifth hint.

Sixth, the Europeans love to show the half of their legs. By using the stocking, then combine it with the coat will be a good style. Don’t forget to wrap a scarf around your neck. They always did it. When the winter comes, choose the best coat like wooly coat because it can warm your body. Combine it with the scarf, skinny jeans, and boots. But, when the weather is hot, you can wear the sunglasses. It’s the last hint.

Make your appearance to be European style, or you can apply it in your country. Happy trying, girls!

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