Create 5 Different Styles with a Black Dress

Black dress usually makes your appearance elegant and feminine. But sometimes it will look bored if you just wear it in the same way without any accessory. Actually, there are some chic ways in wearing a black dress. You can create some different looks with your black dress. If you want a different look with your black dress, you can follow these ideas for your OOTD.

Little Black Dress with a Scarf

A plain black dress looks so monotone without any accessory and thus you can add an animal printed scarf to upgrade your style. Choose the black and white color for your scarf to balance your look. For more stylish look, you can wear your black ankle boots. Give a different touch with a red sling bag to make you more attractive.

Necklace and Cute Hat

You can have so young look with a black mini dress and some accessories like a beautiful necklace and a cute hat. You can wear this chic and simple style to go out with your friends. You can combine it with your sneakers or boots which both can make you awesome.


If you want a more formal appearance, you can add a nude color blazer. Wear your black maxi black dress which looks wonderful with the contrast color of your blazer. This outfit is perfect to wear on a chilly day and in the formal event. Make it perfect with a pair of high heels which look so elegant on you.

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Well, not only formal style, you can also create a casual look with your black dress. Choose a middy black dress to combine with the white sneakers. If you want a fancier look, you can wear a sweet bracelet and necklace.

Black Dress with Belt

Another simple way to make your black dress looks different is by adding a belt. Pick a yellow belt to give a beautiful contrast on your black dress. Besides, the belt accessory can make you look slimmer and taller. Choose A-line dress for the perfect feminine appearance.

Now, you will never again look monotone with your black dress.

A Black Dress with Floral Prints Blazer Create 5 Different Styles with a Black Dress A Plain Black Dress with Black and White Scarf Create 5 Different Styles with a Black Dress  Create 5 Different Styles with a Black Dress

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