Create 5 Different Styles in One Dress

Having the same style everyday with the same fashion item usually makes you bored. For instance, a loose shirt in the dark color will always combine with the skinny jeans and that’s all. Actually, you only need some awesome ideas to make your outfit looks different in several ways. The examples below may inspire you to create some different styles with a shirt dress.

The Original Look

A navy shirt dress or loose shirt, whatever you call, looks plain without any accessory on it. This is the first look of your shirt dress. You can keep it in original look as a simplest way when you are lazy to think about mix and match. However, you still look elegant in it since you combine it with a pair of black pointed-toe pumps.

Cute Mini Skirt

For a little casual look, pair your loose shirt with a cute mini skirt. The patterned skirt with ruffle accent will make your appearance more attractive and young. Don’t forget to tuck the shirt in your skirt for the balance look. Add a glamour accent with gold necklace and nude pumps.


Add a white sweater in your shirt dress for the next different look. The long sleeves sweater with a little belt on waist can give a natural look as coordination. Make it more elegant with your dark color shoes.

Office Look

You can also style your shirt dress as a professional look. The dark color shirt dress will look different by adding a little belt on your waist. Also add a black color blazer for more office look. Here you need a metallic gold necklace which instantly enhances your appearance. Don’t forget to wear your office heels.

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Stylish Street Style

Create an uncommon style with your skinny jeans. Tuck your loose shirt in your jeans for the casual look. Make your appearance instantly stylish and glamor with a faux fur jacket in a grey color. Also add a shiny metallic accent on your appearance with a gold necklace. This casual style will be perfect with a pair of sneakers.  You can apply those awesome inspirations for your own outfits to avoid the insipidness style.

Professional Look Navy Dress with a Black Blazer Create 5 Different Styles in One Dress A Woman in A Plain Navy Shirt Dress Create 5 Different Styles in One Dress Navi Shirt Dress with a Sweater and Little Belt on Waist Create 5 Different Styles in One Dress


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