Create the Most Awesome Look with a Floppy Hat

A floppy hat is a cute accessory for women which usually worn in the summer season when the weather is hot. But, there are also many different ways to wear this accessory, which is mostly feminine look. Actually not just feminine look, you can also have the edgy style with the floppy hats. There are some different ideas on how to create the awesome look with a floppy hat.

Chic Style in Plaid Patterns

The combination of plaid blazer and plaid skirt can be your choice to create a super chic look with your floppy hat. As a girly item, pick a flare plaid mini skirt with a brown belt on it. Pair your skirt with a matching crop top. Add a neutral color, beige, blazer with the big stripes on it. The pale color blazer creates a good balance on your look. Give a statement with a cute red clutch and a pair of glossy pointy toe pumps. This style is perfect with a wide and black color floppy hat.

Classic Style

Let say, the classic style is the best style for you. Choose black and white striped sweatshirt with the long sleeves to combine with a pink flared midi skirt. Make your appearance more feminine with a pair of pink flat shoes and striped wide floppy hat. This combination will give you an awesome feminine look with a floppy hat.

Stylish Suede Blazer

A dark brown floppy hat may look perfect on a vintage fashion look with a brown suede blazer. Wear a white shirt underneath and black leather shorts which make you elegant. Choose a stylish look of a camel suede blazer which creates a good gradation on your style. Add a gray scarf and black stockings for the warmer and comfier outfit. Opt for a pair of dark color high heels as a more elegant accent on you.

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Trench Coat

Why not wear a floppy hat with a trench coat and your favorite fashion style. Pair a white tee with the skinny jeans as the most casual combination. Give a fancy look with a cream color trench coat and pointed to pumps to make you more elegant and glamour.

Stylish Woman in a Suede Blazer and Leather Shorts Create the Most Awesome Look with a Floppy Hat Chic Style Plaid Print Blazer and Mini Skirt with a Floppy Hat Create the Most Awesome Look with a Floppy Hat Classic Style with the Striped Sweatshirt and Floppy Hat Create the Most Awesome Look with a Floppy Hat


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