How to Create the Different Chic Look with a Tank Top

A tank top seems the simplest fashion item which looks so casual. Besides, with the lightweight and comfy material, you usually wear the tank top only in summer season. Actually, you can take benefits from the simple look of the tank top to mix and match with other fashion items. There are many non-boring ways to create the chic look with a tank top like the following ideas.

Bright Color Pants

Start from the easiest way to create a chic look, you can pick the bright color wide leg pants to combine with your black tank top. The black color tank top looks too minimalist and thus you need to add an accessory like the beautiful color necklace. Pick a bright yellow color for your pants to make a statement on your appearance. This style is simple but looks elegant and chic.

Floral Tank Top

Create a different look by choosing a white tank top with a big flower print on it. It is not impossible to create a classy and elegant look with a tank top like this style. With the feminine look of this tank top, you can make it more elegant with a dark color of pencil skirt. The combination of white and navy color on your style creates an elegant and classy look in simply. Add more yellow accent on your beautiful flat shoes. The vintage handbag looks luxurious and classy on your appearance.

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Pale Pink Tulle Skirt

If you never think to have a prom dress with a tank top, you need to try this style. Create the super feminine look by combining your white crop top with a pale pink tulle skirt. Give more beautiful accent with a big bow on the top. Keep it in pastel combination with a pair of nude color pumps and sling bag which look so elegant on you.

Classy Black Top

A black tank top with the lace accent on the chest gives you a classy look to combine with a high waist lace midi skirt. The semi sheer material in the pale yellow color on your skirt presents a more classy style with a metallic gold belt on the waist. This style is more elegant with the beautiful matching clutch and black pumps.

Super Feminine Look with a Pale Pink Tulle Skirt and White Crop Top How to Create the Different Chic Look with a Tank Top Classy Black Top with a Sheer Midi Skirt How to Create the Different Chic Look with a Tank Top Proffessional Look Floral Tank Top with a Navy Pencil Skirt How to Create the Different Chic Look with a Tank Top

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