How to Curl Your Hair without Curling Iron

Yes, curly becomes hype trend nowadays. Do you want to have this style? Actually, you can curl your hair by many ways without spend lots of money and go to a salon. Moreover, you will have more natural curly hair with these ways. Check these out!



Do you know headband? Yes, it is used to adorn your hair to make your appearance more beautiful. But it actually can be used to curl your hair. How? Make sure that your hair in a little wet after you washed your hair. Then wear your headband on around your forehead. Divide your hair into several parts and twist it on the headband then secure them with bobby pins. Let it overnight and you will have beautiful curls.



If you want to have big and natural curls, you just need mousse and water. First, make sure that your hair is dry. Then wet your hair by spraying it with some water. After that, apply some mousse on your moist hair and smooth it with your comb. You just need to up and roll your hair then secure it with the hair tie. Leave your hair on that way for several hours. When you take off your hair tie, wavy hair is ready to be arranged.


Bobby Pins

If you want to have a sexy curly hairstyle, you just need some bobby pins. First, make sure that your hair is moist and divide it into several sections. Twist your hair like a snail shell in some little sections then secure them with bobby pins. Leave it overnight. You will have awesome curls in the morning.

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Unused T-shirt

If you have unused T-shirt, cut it vertically into some little pieces. Smaller you cut; it will be more little curls on your hair. Separate your hair into several sections and make sure that you have already washed your hair. Then roll your hair with the cutting T-shirt and tie at the end of your roll. Wait until your hair dry and take off the ties. Viola! You’ve got your curls.


Ok, now you can try them on your hair. You will have beautiful curly hair without any chemical substances and iron heat.

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